These heavenly smells coming from the kitchen can only mean one thing! Put on your chef's hat, grab your whisk and spatula, and get ready to bake and decorate amazing cakes in our deliciously addictive game, Cake Master! It’s time for your inner pastry chef to shine in this game as you decorate and slice mouth-watering cakes! The biggest challenge that lies before you is neither preparing the cream nor baking the cake. It is refraining yourself from eating the frosting!

The oven is preheated, the cream is whisked, and hungry eyes have turned their gaze to your kitchen! No one can resist a perfectly baked cake. Even a plain cake is a treat for kings but you should really show your cake decorating skills through the many levels this game offers. Once the cake is baked and fresh from the oven, it’s time to show your culinary wizardry with the use of different decorations! Your objective is to follow the instructions in each level to prepare the cake and finish the level. Not everything in the kitchen is a piece of cake! You’ll start by squeezing cream on cakes, and as you advance through the levels, you have to face more challenging tasks. Who knew cutting equally sized slices from a cake required such precision? Use your mouse to cut the cake on the marks to create perfect slices. Everyone wants an equal amount of fruit on their cake slice. This is where you step in as you place fruits like kiwis and cherries on your freshly baked cake. Can you complete all 20 levels of this game and earn the title of Cake Master?

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  • CAKES!
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 3 different difficulty settings
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use your mouse to play the game.