Domino offers the player three addictive game modes with classic domino tiles and customizable game options! Get challenged by the AI and your luck while drawing random tiles, guess the enemy's next move, and get better at each mode with practice to become a real master of dominoes!

Ready yourself to get challenged by tiles! With three modes to choose from, this game offers all the fun you can have with dominoes! The first mode, Classic Dominoes, gives the player extra tiles while the players rush to get rid of all the tiles they have. In this mode, you must keep the game going with what you have in your hands. The first one to play all their tiles wins! Block Dominoes, on the other hand, is all about using your dominoes to block the opponent's next move. There are no other tiles; you must plan your moves with the tiles you start with. The last mode, All Fives, forces the player to focus on keeping the scores at the multiples of five. See the outcome at the table before making a move, consider your options, and try to get to 150 points before your opponent does! Earn gold coins and unlock new customizations for your game!

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CHORSE GAMES LIMITED developed Domino.

Release Date

December 16, 2022


Unlockable backgrounds and tiles

Three game modes

Simple gameplay

Game introductions

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play.