Gravity guy is an addictive puzzle platform game where the main character can manipulate gravity with his special armor. Join this futuristic game and help him escape from the police by flipping between normal and reverse gravity. With entertaining level designs and arcade-like graphics, you'll keep coming back to join the adventure! We hope you didn't eat anything, because you’ll keep having to flip yourself upside down! Running while gravity constantly changes on you can make you feel pretty nauseous!

Gravity Guy is a puzzle game in which your objective is to run as far as you can without getting killed. There are multiple ways to die in this game, so keep vigilant. As if adapting to the changing gravity is not challenging enough, the police is also on your back. If you get stuck behind a wall, he will not hesitate to arrest you. You might get confused in the heat of the chase and miss a step! Failing to change gravity to avoid a large gap will cause you to fall to your death, whichever way gravity happens to be pulling you. The police guy running behind you may be fast, but he can't catch you unless you get stuck. This means that leaping the gaps and avoiding barriers should be your priority! When you die, you start from the beginning of the level. You can save your progress and pass a level by running through a green laser checkpoint. If you get tired playing cops and robbers, you can try this game in multiplayer mode! Challenge your friends to a race. Multiplayer mode supports up to 4 players. Each of you will have your own gravity armor! The one who survives the race will be the victor! Keep your eyes on the road ahead and prove yourself. Newton would've been proud of you!

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This game was developed by Vasco Freitas, as well as G-Switch 3, a famous 2 player games.

Release Date

December 8, 2010


  • Multiplayer mode
  • Leaderboards
  • 2D graphics
  • Exciting gameplay


Use the mouse to play. Tap the left mouse button to reverse gravity.