Let flowers bloom everywhere in Grass Cutter! It is almost spring, and the beautiful flowers are ready to bloom everywhere. Now, there is only one step left for you. You need to cut all the grasses and let some space for these blooming flowers!

This is a puzzle-based game in which you will be dealing with a grass cutter. The main aim here is to prune the glasses that are given in a series of various shapes. These shapes consist of little boxes that the grass has grown on. In these levels, the grass cutter will be placed in a random box among the boxes that make up the whole shape. You need to choose the best and most convenient scheme to drag your grass cutter. This is important to be able to cut all the grass off once the blade starts running through the shape. Simply click on the cutter and drag it around. Now, let’s see how many levels will you successfully complete!

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2Play developed Grass Cutter.

Release Date

May 09, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Multiple levels to complete

• Intuitive skills

• Soothing game experience


You can use your mouse to slide your grass cutter.