In Color Puzzle, a soothing game experience awaits you. We know everyone loves colors and we love to play colorful games, too. You can now free your mind of the stress of daily life and concentrate solely on the stickmen and their colors. As the stickmen run around coloring the board, you can watch them run from one side to another. Are you ready to get into the world of stickmen with colorful steps?

Let’s get lost in the 3D world of colorful stickmen! These stickmen have the most vibrant colors you can see, and they bring their color to anything they step onto. You are presented with a table of squares for you to move your stickmen all across the table. Wherever you slide your stickmen to, they color the route they pass by their color. With each new level, you will have various designs of tables for you to run your stickmen around. All you need to do is to look carefully at the sample table given to you on top of the screen and then copy the color scheme of that table. What you will have to depend on is nothing other than your beloved colorful stickmen. As easy as it sounds, you still must act strategically to get the same scheme as in the sample table with as few steps as possible. So, get your hands on your mouse, be ready to move your stickmen to bring color to the table, and let your mind wander when you're letting yourself in the arms of these colorful stickmen.

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Nevar Games developed Color Puzzle.

Release Date
November 11, 2021

• 3D colorful graphics
• Multiple levels to complete
• Intuitive skills
• Soothing game experience

You can use your mouse to slide your colorful stickmen.