Become a black hole and swallow the city with Epic Hole Runner! Grow with every bite you take off the streets, focus on the right materials to get bigger in a shorter time, and dominate with the fear you unleash on humans! Collect the green barrels and reach the furthest point to collect more gold!

Don't settle for photos of black holes; become one! Run along a track decorated with random objects taken from the city, swallow people, and grow with each item you devour! Satisfy your hunger with this game! You can start eating without losing any more seconds. The main idea is to eat as much as possible without touching the red barrels. These tiny cylinders can downsize you, but no worries; you can get your power back after one or two humans. Do not waste time with objects bigger than yourself; focus on the smaller and crowded objects that you can swallow easily. Green barrels boost your size, readying you for bigger items with extra points. Make it to the finish line with the biggest diameter, and start getting your bonus diamonds and gold bars! Use your diamonds to upgrade your starting stats and enter the game bigger!

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Brosco Games developed Epic Hole Runner.

Release Date

August 31, 2022


Improvable stats

Funny theme

Nice 3D graphics

Addictive and satisfying gameplay

Game shop


Use your mouse to move.