Granny’s peaceful days living in the woods became a distant memory when a flying saucer crashed right beside where she lives in this amazing game, Granny Strikes Back. The aliens managed to repair their broken spaceship, but they need fuel to leave. The fuel they need for their ship is nothing other than the sweet raspberry jam that granny has, and instead of asking nicely, these aliens decided to animate snowmen and send them to granny’s cabin to steal the jam. What they don’t know is that Granny is a retired secret agent and she has you to help her stop this invasion!

Who said grannies can’t fight back? The granny in this game is very capable of defending her cabin, and she has plenty of ways to deal with naughty enemies. Granny knows that you are a nice person and will help her, so as the player your objective in this exciting game is to help granny defend her cabin from the attacks of snowmen. Being a retired secret agent, Granny knows her way around weapons, and you can use many different tools to stop the waves of enemies. Some of these tools are plants that you can collect to get ammo, snowwomen you can build to distract the snowmen, and water wells that act as turrets. Get ready to face many different challenges through the dozens of levels this game offers. Every level has a different set of objectives that you can complete to earn points and money, which you can spend at the in-game shop to buy upgrades and many other helpful items. Can you complete all the levels and unlock the unlimited mode?

Lots of action, lots of enemies! If you like to sit on the edge of your seat while playing games, then we have good news for you. Here at Kizi, we have many exciting games for you to enjoy!


Vitality “Silen” Sidorov developed this game.


  • 3 different difficulties: casual, hardcore, superhero
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 7 different power-ups
  • 12 different upgrades


You can aim and shoot by using either the mouse or the arrow keys. Use the WASD keys to move around.