Among brutal drivers and extreme cars, you gotta bring out the racer in you in Grand Extreme Racing! You may have had enough of normal races with medium speed and mediocre results. So, what about a breathtaking extreme race?

Hop on your car, get your position and punch the gas pedal to become the winner! Here is an interactive and challenging racing game for you. In this game, you have three main game options. It’s better if you start with the practice mode to get used to the racing track, the curves, and the features of your car. Later, you may wish to go on with a challenge or dive right into the championship. You will have ten different maps to try out. If you are successful enough, you will be rewarded with coins. You can even unlock new cars or upgrade the features of your car from the garage section. Feel free to play by yourself against computer-generated rivals or enjoy the race with a friend thanks to the 2-player mode. Now, practice well and get your place to try your best in this long championship journey!

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RHM Interactive developed Grand Extreme Racing.

Release Date

July 06, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Skins to unlock and upgradeable skills

Need for skillful driving controls

10 different road maps

2-player mode available


Use the WASD keys to drive the car, the M key for the nitro speed, and the K key to change the camera view in Player 1. Use the arrow keys to drive the car, the shift key for the nitro speed, and the C key to change the camera view in Player 2.