Take a peek at your future with Fortune Cookie! Get your fortune told daily while operating your own cookie business! Merge the mouth-watering cookies to upgrade them, increase your income with each new piece, and take your place on the global scoreboard! You will love discovering new boosters and features that unlock as you complete your achievements!

Start with crackers and evolve your sweets into doughnuts! This merging game offers you daily fortunes, lots of inspiration, and addictive and endless gameplay! You can now start your cookie business journey with two level one crackers and merge them to level up for the first time. That’s how you enhance the recipe and get a level two cookie! Keep merging the same-numbered cookies to upgrade them to the next level of taste and discover what waits next! Keep an eye on the achievements tab below and claim your rewards. These rewards can help you upgrade your cookies faster. Go to the improvements tab and boost your business. The first two boosters have temporary effects, while the third and fourth boosters increase your income rate permanently. Go to the scoreboard to see where you stand among other players, and keep playing to go higher!

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Brutal Dack Games developed Fortune Cookie.

Release Date

September 28, 2022


Delicious and colorful theme

Surprise cookie designs

Achievements and quests

Infinite gameplay

A global scoreboard


You can use your mouse to play this game.