In Fancy Person Tailor, you have a very important mission. You are a famous tailor in this town and your excellent work is very much appreciated. Now, one of your best customers wants a special dress from you to wear at a party. We can't let her down, can we? Do you think you can sew the perfect dress for her?

You know how important it is to develop a can-do approach to any task. Now that one of your long-time customers want a special and unique party dress from you, you need to trust your skills and start working immediately. In this game, your objective is to make the best dress for this girlie and make sure she is dressed to kill. All you need is your mouse to play, so let's go if you are ready! First, we must find the tools that you need to sew the dress. Find the sewing threads, scissors, and the other necessary tools to start sewing. Well done! Now that the first part is over, we can move on to the next part. You made many dresses for our character, so we need to find the one that suits her the most. Just be sure to combine the pieces that you picked to create the best look. To complete the outfit, choose the accessories and pumps, and voila! She's all ready and looks drop-dead gorgeous. Thanks, you!

So, you are a fan of tailoring art? Play Royal Personal Tailor and continue sewing dresses for pretty ladies. Enjoy!


Racz Ioan Paul II developed Fancy Person Tailor.

Release Date

March 03, 2017.


  • Many customization options
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Fun gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.