Challenge your guessing skills with the colorful puzzles of Emoji Guess Puzzle! Choose the right emojis to code the sentences and movie names! Test your intelligence with the levels of this quirky new-age exam to widen your view of words, puzzles, and the daily use of emojis! 

Use tiny images, play with words, and solve the puzzles of communication! Emojis are everywhere in our lives today. We show our love, sadness, and actions with these tiny pictures. They can be hearts, people doing stuff, flags, food, and even animals! Any story can be told in emoji language, and this puzzle is here to test your storytelling skills! The game is quite simple: you use the emojis below to tell the story or describe the image above. Some levels push you to get creative, while at some levels, you must use puns to translate the words. You can take three guesses before running out of stars, or you can watch short ads to get jokers and hints. Pass levels with no mistakes to get three stars! Complete all levels with the highest score and prove your mastership in the emoji language and literature! Discover more than a hundred levels, and face new challenges!

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OneTwoPlay developed Emoji Guess Puzzle.

Release Date

October 7, 2022


A new type of challenge!

Fun and colorful emojis

Hilarious puns and puzzles

Hints and jokers

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.