Show everyone how to manage a business with Startup Fever! Start a company with a few dollars in your hands, hire the best in the field, and watch your efforts pay back! Invest strategically to make a fortune, expand your business, and open new branches to multiply your income in new fields!

If you do not fear sleeping employees and broken photocopy machines, this is just the challenge for you. Get your coffee and uncomfy chair ready; we are building an office! Use the few dollars you have to get a desk and a machine and hire your first worker. You have two options: an amateur or a professional. Watch a short ad to hire the better option and keep your work efficient. Walk between the machine and the desk to carry papers to your employee and keep the money flowing. You can then hire other workers to help you carry papers so that you can focus on management issues. Buy HR and Manager office rooms, and get upgrades there. Purchase each addition you find in the office to make your employees happy, fix the broken machines, encourage the tired employees, and buy new places to expand your kingdom!

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Devshifu Studio developed Startup Fever.

Release Date

December 5, 2022


Easy to play

Fun for all ages

Addictive gameplay

Unlockable upgrades

Colorful 3D graphics


You can use your mouse to play this game.