We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase “walking on eggshells”. Now get ready for “carrying an egg on top of your car,” because that’s what Eggy Car is all about! Eggs are round and have a hard shell… but not so hard that transporting an egg without breaking it isn’t a pretty challenging task! There’s a reason that eggs are carried in boxes, but where’s the fun in that? Get ready to take things to the next level by placing a big egg on top of your car. Try to drive along bumpy roads without breaking it.

With colorful and cute graphics, Eggy Car offers entertainment and challenging gameplay for players of all ages. In this addictive game, your objective is to carry the egg as far as you can. You’re not trying to make an omelet, so make sure you avoid breaking the egg. Don’t let it drop to the ground! The road you’re driving on is bumpy and goes right across a series of hills. There are inclines and declines, and many other obstacles you’ll have to cross along the way. Try to keep the egg balanced on top of your car as long as you can by moving back and forth carefully to stop it from rolling too far. You’ll see coins strewn along the road. Try to collect as many as you can and spend your earnings on unlocking different cars. There are 4 different cars in total, each with a different design. Try to unlock them all and decide which one is the best vehicle to carry your giant egg safely!

Vehicles have many different uses, from carrying eggs to racing against others players. Check our collection of exciting free car games and start driving right away. Additional, feel free to try out the crazy Madmen Racing. Have fun playing!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 5 different cars to unlock
  • Intuitive game controls
  • Exciting gameplay


Use the D key or the right arrow key to move forward. Use the A key or the left arrow key to move backward.