Build your own vehicle to climb up the hills in DIY Vehicle Climber 3D! This game is not merely a driving game where you need to complete the race tracks. Here, you begin from the beginning of the process and deal with everything!

You will start each level of this game with a basic structure of a vehicle. You will, later, drag and drop certain parts of the vehicle on the spots shown in squares on the vehicle. You need to figure out what some special accessories work for. You will then use the booster buttons to use these specific accessories like the fan to let your vehicle fly over gaps between the platforms. Your aim is to reach the finish line without falling off the platform. For each successful level, you will get a certain amount of coins which you can use to unlock new wallpapers to spice up the gameplay!

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Developer developed DIY Vehicle Climber 3D.

Release Date

December 16, 2022


• Colorful 3D graphics

• 20 levels

• Vehicles to unlock

• Unique vehicle designs

• Realistic graphics with a miniature vehicle in a room


You can drag and drop the accessories of the vehicle to the right spots.