Slice up the bad guys in Sword Master 3D! Do you trust your sword-using skills? So, now show your skills and prove yourself in this exciting game with stickman fighters.

Through a series of levels, you will run over a platform while looking from the point of view of the main stickman character. Though you can only see the sword your character is holding, you can use the sword by clicking left and dragging the cursor through the platform. Your aim is to slice up the bad guys that are trying to attack you. If you fail to attack them before you bump into them, you will be harmed by them and fail the level. So, be careful to abruptly attack the stickman on your way, and also take notice of some stickmen that can throw blades or shoot you. You need to slice up those bullets or blades before the stickmen, too. If you somehow get harmed, don’t worry since you can respawn by watching a rewarded ad. Also, unlock new funky swords with the coins you earn and spice up the game!

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2Play developed Stickman Superhero.

Release Date

November 28, 2022


Colorful 3D graphics

New swords to unlock

Respawn available with rewarded ad

Tens of levels


Drag the cursor to move the sword.