In Disney Girls Sleepover, get ready for the fun! Our pretty Disney princesses decided to organize a sleepover party! And you are the one who will help get ready for their fun party! Can you make their party more fun than ever? Good luck!

Anyone who doesn't like sleepover parties? Obviously, Disney girls love it! Elsa, Ariel, and the other Disney princesses make the plan to sleepover together, but they still need your help to get ready! After chatting all night about castles, boys, and fashion, they are ready for going to bed. So, your first objective is to take off their makeup and apply a beauty mask for clean skin. Then brush and wear their hair in a bun to prepare for sleep. To apply the products, you can use your mouse. Don't forget to find something for them to spend the rest of their time before bed such as writing in their diaries, relaxing with candles, or having a midnight snack! In the end, this is a party, and the night is long! They need some activities to do! Nobody wants to go to bed early, but they have got tired and now it's time for bed! Choose a sleeping bag for them one by one and change the colors of the bags according to their style. They all have 3 different options for beddings and eye patches. Now you can leave them alone to sleep well!

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Sisigames developed Disney Girls Sleepover.


  • 2D graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Various missions to complete
  • Involving Disney princesses


You can use your mouse to play this game.