In Dino Squad Battle Mission, be prepared to defeat your enemies one by one! Your hostile enemies have surrounded you and all you are left with as an option is to fight them to survive. It really is the survival of the fittest when it comes to saving your life on this battlefield. They might look like you and you might be tempted to think that you are akin but don’t forget that these dinosaurs will start shooting straight at you the very minute they catch you off guard. So, gird for the battle and hold your gun to fight for your life.

There are ten different levels for you to fight in ten different situations in this game. With each new level, you will be facing new and more enemies to defeat. Find your way through the crossroads of the port and don't forget to collect your well-needed coins on the way. Also, a little heads-up comes with the enemy counter you can see on the top of the screen. Sometimes you may need a little push and a helping hand to full your energy and heal your wounds because there will be many enemies attacking you on your way. That is when you can use the life bonuses to be as strong as you were when you first began the mission. As you go along the way and further in the levels, you will have the chance to unlock new dinosaurs with new equipment that makes you a better shooter and a stronger player. So, don’t forget to collect and unlock the new equipment that you will see on your way. When you are on the field, use your mouse to look around and rotate your dinosaur. Fix your view with your curser and aim at your enemies using it. You can shoot with your space key and move your dinosaur with WASD keys. Every once in a while, you will need to wait for a little so that your gun can reload. So, keep this in mind and plan your strategy accordingly. Beware of your enemies, stay alive and have fun!

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YAD.Com developed Dino Squad Battle Mission.

Release Date
November 08, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Multiple levels to complete
  • Equipment to unlock
  • Customizable character

You can use the WASD keys and the mouse of your computer and the touchscreen of your mobile device to play this game.