In Cute Forest Tavern, cute animals of all kinds are flocking to your tavern! Because they've heard of your legendary ice cream. Everybody's talking about it in the forest these days. Don't you think it's time to quench their summer thirst? Let's get to work.

Do you see the crowds gathering outside your shop? It looks like you have a bit of a reputation. You must be very proud. But there are some unwritten social rules that you need to follow. And one of them is that you shouldn't keep your customers waiting! It won't do you any good, especially here. Your objective is to give the animals ice cream and make sure you're quick enough to attend to all of them. There are 40 levels and you can complete all of them by using your mouse. Just click on the first level and let's begin. There are 4 counters in your tavern and the customers will move along these counters to get their ice cream. To move between the counters, you can click on the arrows at the right corner of the screen or use the arrow keys. When you see a customer, throw the ice cream on the counter so the animals can eat them. But be sure not to throw on the empty counters or you'll lose. You can see the exact number of ice cream you need to serve in the top right corner of the screen. Some of these animals want ice cream more than others. Be sure to give them a second cup. Good luck!

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Developed by Playtouch.

Release Date

January, 2019.


  • 40 levels
  • Fun gameplay
  • Intuitive controls
  • Nice graphics


Use your mouse to play. Use the arrow keys to move.