Om Nom is back with a bigger sweet tooth than before in the second game of the wildly popular game series, Cut the Rope 2. Once again delve into the colorful world of the Cut the Rope realm filled with sweets, candies, and entertaining puzzles. Let your mouse become scissors and cut the ropes to release the candy and watch as Om Nom munches on his favorite snack. Offering dozens of amazing levels, Cut the Rope 2 brings fresh challenges and interesting puzzles!

Who could resist the puppy-dog eyes of this cute creature, Om Nom? His appetite for candy is endless and it is your job to keep him happy through the many levels Cut the Rope 2 features. Different from the previous title, Cut the Rope 2 has many new and different puzzles and objectives for you to complete. Are you up for these fresh challenges? In each level, your main objective is to cut the ropes that are binding the candy so it can reach its final destination, Om Nom’s belly, while trying to collect all of the stars in the level! Keep in mind that physics is at play so be careful while planning your actions because cutting the wrong rope might cause you to lose the level. Apart from the main objective, most levels have secondary and tertiary objectives that you can complete to earn more medals. These can be challenges like trying to avoid collecting stars or finishing the level within a time limit. Get stuck? No problem! You can purchase upgrades and hints from the in-game shop. Other things you can purchase from the shop are clothes for Om Nom, different candy, and trace types. Each of these items provides different bonuses so try them all!

Players of all ages can enjoy the colorful and sweet challenges of Cut the Rope 2. Here at Kizi, you can check and play the other free games of this amazing series. Go ahead and try our other games in this series, Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope Experiments!


ZeptoLap developed Cut the Rope 2.

Release Date

October 2013


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Customize Om Nom
  • 3 different power-ups
  • Lots of challenging levels


Use your mouse to play this game.