How far can you go without falling off the platform in Crazy Falling Ball? This downhill game presents you with addictive fun that will get you playing it for long hours. It is a challenging one, though. So, be ready to dive into a nerve-wracking yet fun game now!

In this game, you have an endless platform. When the ball drops, it will start sliding on the ramps between the platforms. When the ball hits the flat square, it gets a speed. What you need to do is click your mouse to change the rotation of the ball. With each click, your ball will turn towards to upcoming ramp. These ramps between the flat platforms all have different degrees of the ramp. This makes things only harder since the ball changes speed so frequently. Thus, you need to click on your mouse right when the ball needs to turn towards the following ramp. Be careful not to turn to the next ramp too early or too slow. Try to beat your own best score by repeatedly trying your best with this challenging game!

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OneTwoPlay BV developed Crazy Falling Ball.

Release Date
November 30, 2021

• 3D colorful graphics
• Endless platform
• Intuitive skills
• Relaxing yet challenging game experience
• Addictive gameplay

You can click on your mouse to change the rotation of the ball.