The classic meets Christmas spirit in Christmas Memory Challenge! Are you a fan of puzzle games? More importantly, do you enjoy memory games? If so, get ready for a classic and merry fun now. Challenge yourself to see how many levels you can see!

In this fun game, you will be given 12 cards. These 12 cards are pairs of 6 different pictures. All with a cute and radiant Christmas-themed picture, these 6 pairs make up the memory game. Your aim will be to match the cards in pairs. But of course, while doing this, you will see that the cards will be laid down reverse. So this means you will have to remember the cards with the same pictures and make them a pair. With each pair you make, you will get more points and will eventually clear the table off the cards. Don’t worry, though. You will, of course, be briefly shown the sides with the pictures before you begin the game. You may make mistakes and won’t fail the level for that. But beware that you have a time limit that will cause you to fail the level when overseen. So, go ahead, use your memory skills and see how many levels you can pass!

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Digi Smile limited developed Christmas Memory Challenge.

Release Date
December 09, 2021

Fun Christmas spirit
Multiple levels to complete
Memory skills
Intuitive controls
Addictive gameplay
Christmas jingle playing

You can use your mouse to match the cards.