Play Butterfly Kyodai HD to connect colorful butterfly wings! Clear the board by matching identical butterfly wings and creating a path between them, and enjoy the relaxing and appealing interface, colorful and uniquely designed wings, and addictive gameplay! Let's get into this simple yet challenging puzzle with the first level!

Welcome to your new favorite puzzle! You must use your matching skills to connect two butterfly wings with a line that doesn't cross over any other wings or obstacles on the board. Once a pair of wings is matched, they fly off the board, allowing you to continue matching other butterfly wings until the board is cleared. But be careful; there is a countdown on the top left! Do not let the panic take over; instead, you can use the booster options to get an advantage against the time limit. The booster on the left matches a pair for you, while the right booster mixes the wings on the board to refresh the page. The game dynamics change with each level; you must adapt to these shifts and play accordingly. Inspect the tilting items, and strategize your moves throughout the game to pass to the next stages. Good luck!

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Agame developed Butterfly Kyodai HD.

Release Date

Wednesday 29, 2023


  • Enhanced graphics
  • Colorful and bright theme
  • New challenges on each level
  • A time limit to increase the difficulty
  • Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.