Hone your reflexes with Bubble Shooter Challenge! This Addictive bubble-shooter masterpiece will get you hooked while testing your skills. Aim, calculate, and shoot! See how good you are at planning your moves under pressure. Get rid of the color groups as the new waves approach, and try to break new score records!

If you love a good bubble-shooter game, this is the one you are looking for! With polished graphics, an amazing score system, and challenging fast-paced attacks, this game will get you on your toes through endless gameplay. Start your first run whenever you feel ready. You can use your mouse on the pc, or tap on your screen and move around before releasing to aim on your mobile device. Move slightly left and right to see your options and draw a route for your attack. You must match the same-colored balls to make them fall. If there are no same-colored groups in your range, you can shoot your bubble in a strategic position to return to it later. Focus on eliminating the crowded groups toward the top of the screen to get rid of a few colors with one shot. Practice to get better and watch your best score get higher.

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Agame developed Bubble Shooter Challenge.

Release Date

March 17, 2023


  • Vibrant color choices
  • Improving reflexes and strategy skills
  • Addictive and infinite gameplay
  • Available on mobile devices
  • Controls

You can use your mouse to play this game.