Shoot away candies and pop them all in Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel! Two of the most beloved game genres are bubble shooter and candy match games. Could you imagine them together? Now, you have the best of both worlds in this fun game!

You are not only shooting icons like in a bubble shooter game but also matching candies to pop them all off the board. There are tens of sweets on the board, moving in complete circles. As in a galaxy shape, the candies are moving around waiting for you to shoot new candies at them. This is where the tricky part comes into play. You need to shoot the sweets of the same type on the other same candies to make groups of identical ones. This will remove the candies from the board. Your points automatically decrease as you spend time trying to remove all the sweets. So, the faster you get to finish the game, the more points you will have. You can make use of the two bonuses that you can unlock by watching an ad. Go Candy bonus eliminates one type of candy from the wheel and replaces that with the other remaining sweets. Stop Time bonus stops the time so that your score doesn’t reduce while the bonus is on. You can check the candy count from the top right of the screen. Start and don’t stop until you remove all the candies and get all the points!

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Lof Games developed Bubble Shooter Candy Wheel.

Release Date

August 21, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Requirement of strategic thinking

Go Candy and Stop Time bonuses

Fun gameplay


Use the cursor to aim and click left to throw the candy.