Get ready to enjoy the most satisfying version of the brick breaker genre in Break Many Bricks! Enter the brick zone and aim well to break them all in this funky arcade game.

Here you have a classically designed brick-breaking game with retro-looking graphics that will take you back in time as if you are playing this game on a vintage game console. Simply drag the cursor to move the platform which will let you reflect the little balls on top of the bricks on the board. There are over 100 levels to discover different positionings of different numbers of bricks. Once you successfully let one ball move across the board enough to unlock bonuses that multiply the ball count, you will see how easy and fast it gets to break all the bricks. Take all the time you need, just don’t let your last ball disappear, and you’re good to go!

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Poly Games developed Break Many Bricks.

Release Date

December 02, 2022


• Colorful and vintage-looking graphics

• Addictive and relaxing brick-breaker gameplay

• Over 100 levels

• Ball multiplier bonuses to speed up the levels


Drag the cursor to move the platform that reflects the ball.