In Brave Tomato 2, the brave tomato is on a vital mission! She needs to cleanse the kitchen from rotten veggies and fruits! But she needs some guidance to get rid of them. Can you be the one and help her clean the fridge? Have fun!

Brave Tomato is here again with another mission! In this second edition of this game, you will help her to cleanse the kitchen from infected veggies and fruits. There will be 40 levels to complete, so if you are ready you can click on the play button. There is no time for idling here! Your objective in this game is to get rid of these fruits, so you can either push them into a dimensional hole or make them fall in each level. You can use your mouse to direct the tomato. But be careful! You could be the one who falls if you don't watch out! You can play the levels in any order but start from the easiest and move on to the harder ones, you should follow the order of numbers. As you proceed with the game, it will be getting harder and you will face new obstacles like wheels or thorny floors. You should be the one who throws the rotten veggies there, not the victim in this game! Are you ready to push the veggies through the various wormholes to get rid of them? Have fun and good luck!

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Agame developed Brave Tomato 2.

Release Date

April 24, 2017


  • 40 levels to pass
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Including veggies
  • Entertaining and challenging gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.