Bomb The Mountain, if you can! Welcome to a thrilling jumping adventure in which you have to jump for your life! There is no such thing as stopping in this fun skill game. You gotta avoid the obstacles, keep going through the mountain foot and never look back. If you trust your reflexes and hand-eye coordination skills enough, what do you say to surviving in this deadly environment?

This is an adventure only for ones who have a brave heart! It is no journey full of fun and miracles but a long dangerous one. Are you ready to jump down from the summit all the way through the mountain foot? In this fun and challenging skill game, your ultimate objective is to survive. Use your left and right arrow keys to jump left down or right down. You will see the tasks and achievements button from the main menu. You can try to complete these objectives to earn points and coins. But what you will actually do is to go down as long as you can by avoiding the obstacles such as burning lava, deadly electricity, and moving cars. Some floors can be covered with sticky jellies. For such circumstances, you should press the buttons more than one time. Use your earnings to unlock other cute characters to add more fun to the game. Good luck and have fun playing!

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Agame developed this game.

Release Date

May 3, 2017


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Challenging environment to beat
  • Various obstacles to avoid
  • Fun characters to unlock


Use the left and right arrows to jump left and right.