Complete a breathtaking makeover in Blondy in Pink! Blondy is a beautiful girl with a naturally sparkling vibe. It is only natural for a busy girl like her to be a little down from time to time. Now, can you help her get her glow back?

Blondy needs your help in a tiring make-over session. She is tired and she has let go of her looks a little. But this is nothing to worry about. She is eager to have your finishing touch before she goes to a nice dinner tonight. First, start off by giving her a makeover with all the skin care products she has. Use them wisely to complete her skin care. Later, you will put on her makeup and do her hair. Choose the best styles all up to your taste. You can watch a rewarded ad to open the locks to her wardrobe. You can try out her many dresses and have a fashion experiment, too!

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DL-studio developed Blondy in Pink.

Release Date

August 31, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Detailed skin care sessions and many products

• Rewarded ad available to unlock dress-up session

• Fun gameplay


You can use your mouse to choose options.