Join the princess and her boyfriend on their first autumn date with Ellie and Ben Fall Date! The summer is over, and the most romantic of all seasons is around the corner! Would you like to share their excitement and help the kingdom's favorite couple get ready for their next date?

The city has turned red, the leaves are falling, and the weather is just cool enough to hold hands trying to warm them up! The most famous couple of the icy kingdom is also aware of these, so they decided for their first date to be under the falling leaves! You are lucky enough to help them with the styling and follow them to the date! You can start with Ellie's makeup and follow her to the mirror. Choose the colors of her lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, and contact lenses before continuing. Now, you can find the clothing combinations to go with the makeup! Check the clothing options, and go with the look you think is the best. Now add the glasses, bag, and other accessories to complete her looks! You can now dress Ben. Choose a pair of glasses, a bag, clothes, and a hat or beanie if you like before hitting the check button! Now, you can see our couple together

If you like dressing Ellie, you can play Ellie Fashion Fever and check out the newest trends with her!


Cutedressup developed Ellie and Ben Fall Date.

Release Date

September 13, 2022


Age appropriate

Two customizable characters

Various makeup and clothing options

Unlockable accessories

Available on mobile


You can click or tap on the items you want to choose.