Join World War 1 with Battalion Commander 1917! Take missions from your seniors, go out on the field to get them done, and return home with victories for your country! Take down armies by yourself, save hostage soldiers to add them to your team, and work together to reach new distances!

Welcome back to World War 1! You play as a soldier trying to climb up the ranks through a series of missions! Prove your dedication to your country and the army, complete quests, and unlock new skills and upgrades to move further at once! Walk through the battlefield with your rifle, save ally soldiers, and shoot enemies. You can shoot barrels to trigger explosions and kill enemies indirectly. Avoid bullets to keep your health point high. The plane attacks warn you beforehand; watch out for red signs on the ground and move around them. You can shoot and destroy everything that belongs to the enemy army but be careful not to focus too much on buildings and get shot by other units. Buy upgrades with the gold you loot, level up to new positions, and gain advantages in the warzone. Accept bigger challenges to get to higher places in the army.

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IriySoft developed Battalion Commander 1917.

Release Date

August 4, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Fun gameplay with increasing pace

10 ranks

Unlockable boosters

Available on mobile


Use your mouse to control soldiers.