Blaze your guns in Mr. Autogun Online! You are a strong warrior, and only you can fight against these machines and dangerous shooters. Get your guns ready, be prepared to run and destroy anyone on your way! Can you go all the way without being the one who’s destroyed?

In this addictive platform game, you can run against all your enemies. You got to be fast when you're challenging your enemies, though. You are followed by a wall full of sharp knives, and if you lose a little speed, you can be stabbed to your death. Yet, you still must be careful while running this fast. The road is full of high platforms and gaps. So, be careful not to fall and try to spare some attention to those while you’re firing at those dangerous machines and shooters. On your way, you will have a chance to collect some coins. If you can collect a good amount of money, you can upgrade your guns. There are 6 guns to try. At this point, the more expensive the gun, the better it is. Also, the better the gun, the more powerful it is. When your gun is more powerful, you will have more power to give damage to your enemies and will kill them faster. This will give you a chance to run faster freely on your way. Shoot the flying robots and the shooters and don’t forget to get the healing bonuses because you will need them on the way. Now, let’s get on the platform and go as far as you can while blazing your gun!

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Developer developed Mr. Autogun Online.

Release Date
November 25, 2021

• 3D colorful graphics
• Multiple levels
• Intuitive controls
• Guns to unlock
• Addictive gameplay and fun platform

You can use the WASD of your computer to control the character and the space key to shoot.