Take down armies of the underground in Ball Throw Fight! Use the magical powers of sand particles brought together, roll around the arena to get your weapon bigger, and throw it toward the enemy unit to destroy it! Learn how the use the traps on the field and build stronger tactics to move forward!

No one knows the limits of the power of sand except for you! With the abilities it grants you, no enemy can stand in your way, including the skeletons and totem monsters. Let's get these skills to use and teach these monsters a lesson! To start the first chapter of this fight, you can hold your character and move around to grow a sandball. You can see the ball burning in flames after reaching a size. It is time to aim at the enemy group and shoot! Do not let small victories relax you; new enemy waves are on the way. Pass levels by not leaving any monsters alive, and collect all the gold coins. You can also unlock bonus levels and claim your daily rewards to add to your savings. Stop by the game shop to unlock new skins for your character and ball, and customize your game.

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YAD.Com developed Ball Throw Fight.

Release Date

June 22, 2023


  • Nice 3D graphics
  • Unlockable character skins
  • Fun character and enemy designs
  • Daily rewards and bonus levels


You can use your mouse to play this game.