Get ready for a contest of agility with Stair Race 3D! This race puts players on a platform built above tropic islands, gives them planks, and makes them build stairs to the finish line! Choose the color of your side, warm up, and let's carry our colors to the top!

If you like 3D hypercasual races, this is the game for you! In this challenge, you race to collect planks of your color and place them on the platform to create stairs and make it to the next section. What makes this challenge interesting is that all players can attack the others to make them drop their pieces, and loot their planks too! If you are ready for this hilarious race, let's give it a try! You can hit the start button and get to learn the controls. Run around to pick up the pieces of your color, and watch your opponent do the same. You can bump into them to make them drop their loot, but be careful; it only works if you are carrying more than them! Complete levels, get to more challenging stages to face more opponents, and earn more gold. Don't forget to check out the game shop and try out new character skins!

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Famobi GmbH developed Stair Race 3D.

Release Date

May 2, 2023


  • Easy to play
  • Fun and addictive levels
  • A stunning tropical background
  • Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.