In Another Planet 2, be prepared to shoot lasers from your gun as a purple alien. An extraterrestrial's job is to travel to different planets and collect various samples of different valuables. Join the protagonist of this game through multiple levels, and help him to complete his mission without a problem. Grab your weapon and dive into the action!

Other planets have different animals and plants than ours, and most of these residents are quite aggressive. Another Planet 2 takes you to an interesting journey through 20 different levels full of amazing challenges. Your objective is to reach and collect the diamonds on each level by manipulating your surroundings. You can control your character either with the WAD or arrow keys. A laser gun is a must for such an exciting adventure, and you can use yours with the left mouse button. Each level has a puzzle-like design. To overcome these obstacles, you have to use your laser to create a safe way between you and the diamond. Aim with your mouse and fire your laser to cut the platforms. You'll encounter 2 different platforms in this game. Dirt platforms can be cut with your laser, while metal ones are indestructible. This is not the only challenge you'll encounter in this game. On some levels, you'll have to face different animals and plants which can kill you. Luckily, they are vulnerable to your laser beam, so you can destroy them easily. You should also be careful about lava pools, you will die instantly if you fall into one.

Enjoying the journey? Why not check the next game of the series, Another Planet 3 and continue the adventure? Have fun!


Egor Safronov developed Another Planet 2.


  • 20 different levels
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Different enemies
  • Alien protagonist


Use either the WAD or the left, right and up arrow keys to move around. Press the left mouse button to use your weapon.