Run through the crowd and make everywhere yours in Among Impostors! Jump on the floor and find yourself in the miniature of a school hall. The best part of this hall is that the vending machines went crazy and there is food everywhere! Can you turn this into an opportunity?

Jump on the floor among many other real-time rivals. You and your rivals will all start this game by yourselves. But the main reason why you are here is to clone yourself with little versions of yourself to enlarge your group. You have to eat the packages of food in order to have more clones. Each package means one more clone and a bigger group. You can attack your rivals’ groups if they have fewer members than yours and make their members yours, too. There’s a time limit and you are being listed according to your headcount. So, try to be the most crowded group by the end of the level. Don’t forget to claim your coin rewards to unlock new skins or upgrade your skills as an impostor!

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YAD.Com developed Among Impostors.

Release Date

March 21, 2022


2D colorful graphics

15 skins to unlock

5 skills to upgrade

Daily bonuses


You can use the mouse of your computer to drag the character.