Save the little creature in Imposter Rescue Online! This little imposter needs our help to get free by solving a series of puzzles. This cute creature waits desperately for someone to save it from the places it is stuck. So, can you handle working on complex maps and freeing our little imposter?

There are 30 levels in this game for you to pass one by one. At each level, you are expected to save the little creature by providing it with enough water. The blue balls you'll be seeing in the levels are drops of water. But giving the imposter some space full of water is not that easy. Firstly, there are many pins to move so that the blue balls will be directed from the places they are stuck on top of the imposter. But alongside the water drops, there are also dangerous fireballs. Your aim is to keep these fireballs away from our imposter. Even if only one single fireball touches the creature, it will dissolve in the air. So, you should choose the pins to move very wisely. Almost at every level, the system is complicatedly tied to each other. Thus, you need to channel the water drops and the fireballs carefully. You can eliminate the fireballs with waterdrops and the enemies you will see in some levels with the fireballs. So, use your puzzling skills and apply the best strategies for each level to pour in enough water on the cute imposter!

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Developer developed Imposter Rescue Online.

Release Date
September 26, 2021

• 2D colorful graphics
• Intuitive skills
• Puzzling gameplay
• Skins to unlock
• Multiple levels

You can use the mouse of your computer to drag the pins.