In Airport Buzz, grab your baggage because we're going to the airport! With so many passengers come and go, everything needs to be in order. Take your place at the control tower, and get ready to hurl orders around!

The tickets are sold, the passengers are moving to their seats, and the planes are about to take off. Your objective in this game is to manage the plane schedules. Don't be intimidated by the crowd! The controls of this game are pretty simple. All you have to do is to use your mouse. The game features 6 different locations, each with 5 levels. You start in Hawaii. Planes will fly over the airport, waiting for permission to land onto the runway. To make a plane land, click on it first, and then the runway, and lastly, on the terminal. You'll see a timer above the plane. When it disappears, it's ready to take off. Click on the plane again, and then on the runway. As you progress through the game, you'll unlock new buildings such as the oil station and repair center. Some planes need a refill before taking off, so remember to visit those places too. With each successful flight, you'll earn coins. You can spend these at the shop to purchase 4 different upgrades.

Fly high fly free! Become a pilot or manage an airport in our collection of free airplane games. Have fun!


Funtomic developed Airport Buzz.

Release Date

July 4, 2017


  • 6 different locations to play at
  • 30 levels to complete
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay


You can use your mouse to play this game.