Fly high and become a hero in Airplane Missile Escape! You have a very dangerous task at hand, but you are sure that you can come clean and achieve completing this mission. Just fly high and see what happens next!

This is a game that will take you to places that you never thought you would reach. Hop on your airplane and float freely in the sky. If you see some other flying objects, just don’t panic. Those are missiles that you need to dodge. The specific aim of these missiles is to hit and destroy you. So, whatever you do, fly away from those missiles, take turns that will deceive them, and simply dodge as many missiles as you can. The more you successfully fly away from those missiles, the more money you can get. Plus, collect the bundles of money you see in the sky to unlock much better airplanes! Let’s see what your highest point will be!

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Developer developed Airplane Missile Escape.

Release Date

April 20, 2022


• 2D amazing graphics

• Airplanes to unlock

• Intuitive controls

• Engaging simulation with an amazing view


You can use the arrow keys to fly the airplane.