Shoot the number bubbles to multiply numbers and break records with 2K Shoot! Match the same-numbered bubbles to merge them and double the number, keep them away from the shooting line, earn and use boosters, and reach the highest number! Improve your strategy skills with this fun version, and lose yourself in the bubbles!

The classic number game is now merged with a bubble shooter, increasing the challenge with a colorful twist! You can keep merging the same-numbered units while testing your timing and aiming skills. Use everything in the environment to reach the bubble you aim at, make combos to break other bubbles with one move, and reach new heights! You can use the vectors to see where the bubble will land, and then shoot to see what happens! Keep an eye on your bubbles below to see what number comes next, and strategize accordingly. Trigger a chain reaction with your shots, and reach the top of the group. Use the bombs, blades, and other unlockable boosters as a quick and effective solution, and get to higher numbers. Level up by practicing and breaking new records, and unlock new features for your new favorite bubble shooter!

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2Play developed 2K Shoot.

Release Date

December 14, 2022


Nice and bright colors

Classic bubble shooter theme with a twist

Unlockable features and boosters

A satisfying level system

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.