In Army of Ages, the peaceful nature of our blue and green planet has been interrupted by the presence of extraterrestrials and you must stop this alien invasion! Aliens have advanced technology, but this planet is yours, so be prepared to face insect-like creatures as you try to defend your base and gather resources. Start from the Stone Age and evolve your army until you can teach those aliens a lesson. Grab your pikes and slingshots and get ready for action!

Army of Ages offers different gameplay from the other war strategy games. In other games, you fight against an enemy equal to you and try to evolve and get better units before they do as you try to reach their base and destroy it to claim victory. In Army of Ages, you fight against aliens with advanced technology and units from the start! You start the game in the Stone Age and your units consist of spearmen and slingshot users, along with some dinosaurs. You need money to build buildings to start training units and you earn this money by sending gatherers to one of the three water wells on the map. Your gatherers collect water and convert it into money. The farther the well the more money it will earn. As you kill aliens or get killed, you earn experience points that you can spend in two ways. One is a special attack that each civilization stage has. Stone Age allows you to summon a meteor to kill a group of enemies. The other stages are medieval age, classic age, and modern age. Each of them has different special attacks so be sure to check out all of them! The other way to spend your experience points is to evolve to the next stage. This will erase all your buildings so you can place new ones! Keep improving your units and save the Earth from those evil aliens!

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This game is developed by Louissi.

Release Date



  • Over 50 units to control
  • Can upgrade your units and base
  • Addictive gameplay
  • 15 achievements to unlock


Use the arrow keys to move the camera. Press the space key to select your base.