Improve your ability to adapt to changes with the pixel challenges of Zrist DX! Jump into an infinite adventure in black and white! This game will force you to change with the new rules that come up every few seconds. Explore all modes, break personal records, and unlock skins for your square!

Ready yourself for an endless run on a glowing platform! This challenge keeps adding more and more rules to the game, making it an infinite race of adaptation. Get prepared for the laws that change every ten seconds, open your senses, and let's go! Follow the tutorials to learn the basic moves. You can use the left click to jump and the right click to duck on the PC. On mobile, touching left and right will do. The game will inform you about the new rules before changing modes. Use that time to relax, and continue when you are ready for the next wave. You can also watch short ads during those breaks to get some extra credits. These credits can be used to buy new character skins and game themes at the game shop. Keep discovering new modes, practicing, and breaking new records, and watch yourself get better at this reflex test!

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NoaDev developed Zrist DX

Release Date

December 26, 2022


2 simple commands

Endless gameplay

Addictive and fast-paced challenges

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game. On mobile, touch left to duck and right to jump.