In Pocket Tower, you will become a hero of your own skyscraper! You will design it and create a beautiful business center! So, you have so many workers, too and as their boss, your job is to keep them happy! Do you think you are able to manage this skyscraper? Good luck!

You know the skyscrapers, there are various types of businesses in them and you are the owner of this high skyscraper! That's why you need to manage all these businesses and keep your workers happy. You are a successful businessperson, so your business is growing fast these days. You even think about adding new floors and set up new businesses. This is the goal of the game! You will build new floors, start businesses, hire workers, and invite visitors to this game. Try to place the floors strategically to keep the taxes flowing and your tower growing. You will solve some problems in human resources, investments, and profit optimization. There are 5 different types of businesses you can add to your building: Food, Service, Recreation, Fashion, and Technology. You should also choose a particular business among a restaurant, spa center, fitness-club or cinema, bar, or laundry. After you start a business, you should also hire some workers, but don't forget to keep them happy! Good luck with being a business person!

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Overmobile developed Pocket Tower.

Release Date

May, 2021


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Save progress feature
  • Joining in teams and playing multiplayer
  • Daily tasks and rewards


You can use your mouse to play this game.