Mini Flips Plus is here to test your patience, reflexes, and strategy skills with unique levels and challenges! Control a tiny ball moving left and right over the platform by making it jump at the right time! Collect all the coins, dodge enemies, use portals, and discover a nostalgic arcade world!

Travel to a pixel world with everlasting fires, magical portals, and jelly enemies! You can do anything in this world just by jumping! You can travel through a whole realm by timing your jumps and avoiding deadly threats! This world has two modes and more than one hundred and sixty levels. You can start the level mode right away or watch a short ad to unlock the speedrun mode. Practicing with the levels would be a good start before trying your chance at the speed runs. The world teaches you the basic moves first. You must time the jumps for your character while it moves back and forth on the platform. Then you learn to use the portals and play with gravity. The portals change the laws of physics for your character, giving you the ability to stand and walk upside down. Use them strategically to dodge the traps and collect all the gold coins!

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NoaDev developed Mini Flips Plus.

Release Date

December 19, 2022


Cute characters

Nostalgic arcade theme

Simple controls

Addictive gameplay with two modes


You can use the left click or up arrow to jump and the right click or spacebar to teleport. On mobile, touch left to teleport and right to jump.