Humanity needs your help to defend the last standing base of civilization in Zombie Last Castle 3! You can bring one or two friends with you to this battlefield, or fight this challenge by yourself. These are not your usual zombies as they are now an advanced society with helicopters, tamed dogs, and cheerleaders to bring up the mood in combat! Yes, they learned a lot about technology, but you also have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Start by choosing the number of players and difficulty. It's recommended to start with easy if you are playing by yourself and this is your first time playing. You have all kinds of weapons one might need to kill zombies, but it takes time, skill, and gold to unlock and develop them. You have different types of guns to choose from, so watch what you're shooting. Also, be careful not to shoot medics as they heal your castle. Upgrade your missiles, lasers, bombs, and traps. Collect medkits, ammo, and new guns to freshen up and survive a total of 10 waves. Move up and down not to miss flying enemies.

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RHM Interactive developed Zombie Last Castle 3.

Release Date

January 4, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Cute Chibi characters

Difficulty options

Can be played by up to 3 players


Player 1: Move with "W,A,S,D", go up/down with "E", change weapon with "Q",

Player 2: Move with arrow keys, go up/down with "L", change weapon with ".",

Player 3: Move with "Y,G,J,H", go up/down with "P", change weapon with "T".