In Xmas Parkour, dive into the Christmas-themed world of Kogama, and challenge other players online in parkour fun. With its creative level designs and signature blocky 3D graphics, test your hand-eye coordination as you try to win against other teams. Can you manage to survive the different obstacles through this exciting game?

Everyone is divided into teams and waiting for the signal. Your objective is to complete the parkour track with your team, before the opposing players. When you start the game, you can choose a team to join. There are 4 teams in total that you can join. After choosing a team, you are ready to go. The surroundings might look cheerful at first glance, but you should always keep your guard up! Other players can harm and kill your character, as well as the dangerous environment. The most common obstacle you'll face is poisonous blocks. Once you touch these, your health will rapidly decrease. You can see your health in the upper left corner of the screen. On your path, you'll see checkpoints that you should activate. You can respawn at them when you die. To level up and unlock fun items, you should collect gems that you see on your way. Don't worry if you keep falling down on your first attempt! With enough practice and training, you can beat every other player in this amazing game with ease!

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Kogama developed Xmas Parkour.


  • Colorful and blocky 3D graphics
  • An in-game shop to buy different cosmetic items
  • 4 different teams to join
  • Online multiplayer gameplay


Use the WASD or the arrow keys to move your character around. Press the SPACE BAR to jump and use the E key to interact with the world. Press K key to kill your character.