Wheely 3 takes place after the events of the second game where Wheely and Jolie reunited at the end of an exciting adventure. Now they are married and Jolie wants to replace one of her wheels. Wheely will not settle for any old wheel though! His wife Jolie deserves the best there is, and Wheely is keen on getting the roundest and most beautiful wheel for her. Such a wheel is not a common thing to come by, so it is time for a new adventure! Travel through the city and other exciting places to find the perfect wheel!

Welcome to the colorful and puzzle-filled world of Wheely 3. Being married is nice, but Wheely wants to make Jolie as happy as he possibly can. As the player, you can help Wheely to find the wheel Jolie asked for. Join him on his third adventurous journey. Just like the previous games, Wheely 3 has lots of entertaining levels filled with tricky puzzles to solve and new obstacles to overcome. Can you help Wheely reach his destination by pressing the buttons and pulling the levels to move everything around and clear a path for him? In each level, you must move Wheely to the red flag marking the finish. Manipulate his surroundings to ensure safe passage. Use your left mouse button to press on items, pick things up, and rotate cogwheels to solve the puzzles. Click on Wheely so he knows when it’s time to stop or to go! Some levels will require a keen eye, so pay attention to all the details. In some levels, you might need to race against the clock, too! Beware of large gaps and moving platforms!

Vroom, vroom! Wheely is back on the road again, and he has many adventures ahead of him. His journey doesn’t stop here. Visit our Wheely games collection to play the other entertaining games in this series!


Pegas Games developed Wheely 3, as well as the following Wheely 7 and Wheely 8.


  • 12 fun levels
  • Interesting puzzles
  • Nice graphics
  • Simple controls


Use your left mouse to play this game.