Time to test your motor skills with Obby Blox Parkour! Explore the most absurd platform races with this 3D skill game! Challenge your reflexes with parkour courses built in the sky, jump between logs with no web below, and discover the hilarious character skins! Let's get you ready for the first level!

You will love to hate these challenges! With impossible stages and the funniest character looks, this addictive test has it all. Just learn the basic control mechanics, and see how far you can get without losing your nerve. Improve your inner zen and hone your timing skills with fifty unique stages full of traps. You can start your journey from zero and build your way up from there. Run forward, hit the jump button at the edge of the platform, and keep pushing your character forward. Aim at the next step, or you might fall off the other edge of the log. Reach the checkpoint to save your progress, and move on from there. Each challenge comes with new features, so watch out for new traps and threats. Master them all and see where this test goes. Don't forget to check out the game shop to unlock new looks for your character.

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Poly Games developed Obby Blox Parkour.

Release Date

January 26, 2023


Simple control mechanics

50 addictive and challenging levels

3D graphics

Funny character skins


You can use "W, A, S, D" to move and the spacebar to jump.