Train in the dark to face the most professional fighters of the back streets with Street Shadow Classic Fighter! In this 3D fighting simulation, you can choose your fighter, game difficulty, and battle style, and see how many enemies you can handle at once! Pass levels to advance through the game, and add new skills to your character!

Start as a rookie and use your fists to climb to the top of your fighting career in the darkest corners of your city! You can start with empty pockets and beat your enemies to buy upgrades later. Enter the arena and wait for your first opponent to approach. You can move left and right, jump, kick, punch, or grab your enemy by the neck to land consecutive blows. Whichever combo you choose, do not let your opponents hit you. You can check your life bar at the top left just to be safe. Loot the money off your fallen enemies, and stay mobile against incoming threats. After collecting all the money and completing the level, you can go back to the character screen and buy upgrades for your fighter. Improve your stats to get stronger, and return to the streets for the next round!

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GamingStars developed Street Shadow Classic Fighter.

Release Date

May 22, 2023


  • Good 3D graphics
  • 3 difficulty options
  • Purchasable character upgrades
  • Unlockable characters


Use "A, D" to move, the spacebar to jump, and "Z, X, C" to attack.