Bring some magic into your life in Winx Club: Dress Up! The most beautiful fairies of the magic world are here with you, and you are looking up to a sparkling girls' night. Now, get your wings on and look bedazzling!

Our six fairies can’t wait to dress up and shine for the night out. If there is one thing the six friends can’t let go of, it is their style. That is of course besides their magic powers! Just like their strong sides, these friends all have different tastes in fashion. Bloom likes to keep things classic when Musa is always edgy. Stella is the sparkling princess while Tecna likes to bring her tech-savvy side into her style. Start with the character you love the most, and choose her top, skirt, high-heel boots, and wings. These are all the things that create the signature Winx look. So, let’s show off the fairy in you!

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Rainbow S.p.A. developed Winx Club: Dress Up.

Release Date

September 12, 2022


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Six beautiful Winx fairies to dress up

• Possible to take pictures of your style at the end


Click on the pieces of clothes and accessories you want to choose.