The action saga returns with Vex Challenges! Run through a platform of deadly traps against a countdown, complete levels with three stars, and unlock fun character skins for your action hero! Climb up walls, find your way around spears and chainsaws, and make it to the green portal in one piece!

The thrilling adventures of Vex continue with this last challenge! Here, you can find more levels in this digital playground of deadly spears, extreme heights, and neverending countdowns. This challenge also uses the same control mechanisms as the previous chapters of the series; you can use the four main directions to move through the stage and jump between platforms. Avoid touching red objects, as they are traps planted on the stage to kill you. Instead, use your reflexes to climb and jump, dodge threats, and make it to the finish line before the time runs out. You can try to collect the blue stars in the meanwhile. Save these stars to use them later at the game shop and unlock new character skins with fun visual effects. Use your new skins on your new adventures, and try all looks to find the one you like the most! Good luck!

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Azerion Casual Games developed Vex Challenges.

Release Date

May 30, 2023


  • More Vex levels!
  • Improving reflexes and motor skills
  • Addictive and fun gameplay
  • Available on mobile devices
  • Unlockable character skins


You can use the arrow keys or "W, A, S, D" to play this game.